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Your Pregnancy Assistant

“Ask Katie”, Australia’s only GP Pregnancy Shared Care App, is your pregnancy companion. Working with South Australian women and families, Katie assists you on a smooth and supported pregnancy journey.

Meet Katie,

South Australia's outstanding pregnancy app developed by GP Partners Australia with a significant focus on expecting a baby and sharing the journey with your GP.

Katie is our up-to-the-minute pregnancy assistant, guiding women and families through their pregnancy, day by day, ensuring a smooth and supported journey.

Katie knows where you are and where you need to go, selects and makes appointments with your GP, offers you tips and reminders, gives up-to-date answers to a range of questions and provides week-by-week baby developmental information.

Pregnancy is difficult to approach on your own – that’s why Katie is here to help. Whether the task is big or small, achieving your goals means she has achieved hers.

Pregnancy with your GP

Build your relationship with your GP

Pregnancy Shared Care is a great way to continue a relationship with your GP as your family grows. It’s a popular choice of care during pregnancy and perfect for fit and healthy women going through a normal pregnancy who choose to deliver their baby in a South Australian public hospital.

That’s why GP Partners Australia have developed “Ask Katie”, focused on having a baby in South Australia and sharing this incredible journey with a trusted GP.

Strengthen your ....... community

Look forward to a smooth and supported pregnancy, with Katie.


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Appointment Calendar

  • Helps you to calculate your due date, connect you with your GP and expertly guide you through your pregnancy day by day.
  • Connect with health and pregnancy advice.
  • Make notes to discuss with your GP.

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